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We are India’s first mobile/corporate chair massage company. We have TRAINED and CERTIFIED chair massage therapists who work on you to relieve you off stress. We’re changing the face of corporate India. (And the neck, back, and shoulders, too.) High stress levels and soaring health care costs are taking their toll on employees and their companies. We all know that unchecked stress – both mental and physical – causes countless health problems. Treating employees with massage decreases muscle tensions and stress points, and prevents the development of serious injuries.Tranquuille on-site chair massage program lowers the number of workers compensation claims and last resort surgeries. Added benefits include increased energy levels and concentration, decreased absenteeism, and enhanced well-being. We’re known for our exceptional therapists, attention to detail, fair pricing structure, streamlined procedures, and the absolute highest standards.

We also hold Meditation, Yoga and holistic health workshops in Corporates.

Our goal is to promote and educate the general population the benefits of chair therapy in the workplace to establish onsite health and wellness services as a benefit. Secondly to also expose the health benefits of massage for each individual as a healthy lifestyle. We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our clients by providing them with the ultimate onsite chair therapy and to experience this as a way of life by improving circulation, stress, aches and pains, releasing toxins bringing mental clarity and feeling good.

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